con·tem·po·rar·y - Modern times in its generic sense, living, occurring, or existing, at the same time; often also used as a synonym for "modern" Ma·lay·sia - A country of southeast Asia consisting of the southern Malay Peninsula and the northern part of the island of Borneo.

Mr. SM Mohamed Idris, President, Consumers Association of Penang, mentioned in a letter to Malaysiakini that what Penang needs is not a 2nd bridge, 3rd bridge, 4th bridge and so on but a better public transportation to solve the massive jams and never-ending cars flooding the state. His words hold truth as Penang is jammed with public cars where the private vehicle ownership to the population is almost one to one. (The Star).

Recent developments also focused on building the monorail through the inner city of Georgetown, and also the PORR (Penang Outer Ring Road ) to solve the traffic problems, but words have it that it are more likely to benefits certain groups of people than the Penangites. (Aliran)

But according to Australian tram engineer Ric Francis, author of Penang Trams, Trolleybuses and Railways, estimates that half of the old tram tracks could be dug out and re-used. One tram could keep 55 cars off the road, he says. Plus it will conserve our fuel, reduce pollution and complement the new public bus service, Rapid Penang.

Moreover, trams that blend with the old-world architecture of George Town will surely enhance the heritage value of the inner city, which has the largest collection of pre-war shop houses in South-East Asia. (Source)

Penangites do hope that the Penang State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Lim Guan Eng will make a wish decision though.