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Below is the letter from a Sabahan, in the letter he stated the reasons BN won in Sabah is due to foreigners who gained MyKads through the notorious Project ICs, or better known as Project M. Read the letter as taken from here

Sabah BN won due to foreigners by Tanak Wagu

Some people especially in West Malaysia might think that the majority of Sabahans voted for the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the recent elections. In case the victorious Sabahan BN candidates decide to brag about the support they received, I would like to remind them that many of them would have lost if not for foreigners holding the Project M MyKads (fraudulently issued Malaysian identity cards).

By now the children of these foreigners would also have MyKads and the number of foreigners would have tripled or even quadrupled. Some sources say that in the Papar parliamentary constituency, the Filipino refugee settlement alone is enough to ensure victory for the BN candidate.

It is also surprising that the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) - which was once very vocal on the issue of foreign voters - is very quiet about it this time. There were many Project M holders voting in many constituencies including in constituencies PBS contested. In some polling stations, the number of Project M holders far exceeded that of the local voters.

It is a well known fact here in Sabah that the Project M holders only vote for the BN symbol. The BN had helped them acquire their MyKads and also allowed them to work and operate businesses in the state. Their settlements abound in Sabah, and even if the government demolishes them, they would be compensated with alternative housing, an option not available to local squatters as in the Kampung Matabian and Paitan cases.

Just wait outside the Centre Point building in Kota Kinabalu and read the names on the red and white taxis. These names belong to a single ethnic community from neighbouring Indonesia. And stand closer to them and listen to their conversations.You will hear a foreign accent.

The Consumer Association of Sabah (Cash) lodged a police report on the Project M in 2006 yet until today no action has been taken. For those of you who do not have background knowledge on Project M, please know that these MyKads were issued between the early 1980s right up to 1999. Whether any new ones were issued after that only God knows.

The original intention of the Project M was to increase the Muslim population with a view to ensure that only Muslims could form the government in Sabah and only a Muslim could be chief minister in Sabah. Thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants from both the Philippines and Indonesia flooded the state, both Muslims and non-Muslims. Even the non-Muslims took up Muslim names to gain these MyKads.

In the end it seems that these people have exceeded the local population. Some believe that these immigrants actually outnumber local Muslims. It is no longer a matter of religion. It is now a matter of local identity. It is also a matter of unfair competition for locals who rely on the bumiputera quota for studies, work or business as they have to compete with these new arrivals. It is also unfair as government funds are also used for the education, health and other amenities these Project M holders need.

The funny thing is that many of these Project M MyKad holders are known to travel frequently to their homeland and some are even reported to still cling to international passports issued by their home countries. Some even go to their home countries to get international passports which it seems is much cheaper than a Malaysian one.

Recently someone said that former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should be charged for interfering with the judiciary. I say he should also be charged because the Project M was during his reign.

Former Chief Minister Harris Salleh (and former Home Minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub, now deceased) should also be charged. PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, meanwhile, should reveal whatever he knows about the Project M if he expects Sabahans to really trust him.

I am sure Sabahans are forgiving as long as Anwar is honest and is willing to get rid of Project M holders once and for all.

Well well well, the problems of illegal immigrants flooding
Sabah has been going on for a long time, right from the time USNO ruled and was accelerated tremendously during the PBS era when it was in the opposition from the year 1990-1994. Who else was responsible for this, well your guess was good as my guess.

And for a person like Yours Truly who has been staying in
Sabah for quite some time, I can say that the problem of PTIs (Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin) - Illegal immigrants is and are alive as well.

Just ask any locals (Pure Sabahans I mean) and they will not hesitate to point out to you where you can find these PTIs, if in KK (Kota Kinabalu), its rampant around the Centre Point shopping complex, leading all the way from Segama and not to mention the notorious Filipino Market and also the Pulau Gaya nearby. In fact I have even seen the DBKK (Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu) City Councils enforcements carrying M-16s (Yes M-16 Guns!!) while doing some night time routine checks. You can imagine how dangerous it is at night in KK.

Do keep glued for more updates to come. Stay tuned!