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Dear Readers,

I just stumbled upon a news article regarding a new “blogger on the block” ,that is the MP for Kota Belud, at here. Do have a read of the article as per below:

Kota Belud MP sets up his blog site

Kota Belud: Member of Parliament Datuk Rahman Dahlan has set up his blog site to provide the people, especially the electorates the latest information in the constituency quickly and effectively.

He said the blogsite that was recently launched could be accessed at anytime by anyone interested to find out the elected representative's activities.

"I am of the opinion that with the setting up of the blog it would make it easier for anyone particularly those from the district to know the activities of their elected representative," he said after visiting a rubber plantation at Kampung Taginambur here.

According to him, previously the people would rely on the print and electronic media to find information but now people have the tendency to surf the internet to look for information quickly.

Rahman said that through the blog the people could also provide feedback by providing constructive comments but not racial and sensitive to religions.

Hmm let’s have a look at the blog of this MP from UMNO, haiyoh first impression is, why must YB write in Bahasa Malaysia? I know I know, BM is the official language of Malaysia, but at least YB can write it in an international language so that readers form all over the world can have a look bah. Who knows, maybe YB just wants Malaysians to read his blog, go figure.

But if I were to refer to an article here, former Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin mentioned that those who blogs are consider “goblok” or stupid!! And most are educated overseas. Firstly YB, are you meaning to say that bloggers must be educated overseas, and then only they can blog, in this case I think Malaysians who are locally educated and who blog can be termed as what then? Pem-blog?

And if we hold to what YB Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said, then all the BN MPs and State Assemblymen who just started to blog after the 12th General Election are all bodohs?? Luckily or sadly, whichever you readers prefer, he lost the election, or else I think he have to eat back his words. Or maybe they will just say, “I have been misinterpreted”, typical lah.

Before we end, let’s have a look at who is this MP of Kota Belud, Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan. His profile can be found here, he graduated with Bachelors in Economics and Management, Sonoma State University (SSU), California State University System, Rohnert Park, California, USA and is married with Datin Norazlina Awang Had, and have 2 children. He is also the former Independent Non-Executive Director to Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas). No bad though.