con·tem·po·rar·y - Modern times in its generic sense, living, occurring, or existing, at the same time; often also used as a synonym for "modern" Ma·lay·sia - A country of southeast Asia consisting of the southern Malay Peninsula and the northern part of the island of Borneo.

In the midst of an worlds economic recession, Malaysian politics is getting more and more interesting, top news on Malaysia is about politics, politics and more politics..And not on ways on how to help the rakyat to overcome the economic uncertainty. We have some blockbusters movie showing live in Kedah and Perak..Maybe more movies to divert our attention kah bos?

Who cares for the rakyat anyway, we got more $$ than you can imagine, who is we? Go figure out yourself then..

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EC: No by-elections in Perak

'Millions' dangled before Kedah PKR reps

No two ways about it: DISSOLVE the Perak State Assembly

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